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Your Leadership Journey Has Just Begun.

Transform How You Live and Lead! Get One-on-One Leadership Coaching with Barry E. Knight.

Tap into your personal power. Become the leader you know you're called to be.  Transform the people you lead and serve.

Absolutely critical to leadership is continuing leadership development. To bring about your future vision, you must grow day by day into your future leadership potential. 

And to grow into your future leadership potential, you must successfully learn from and conquer the many limiting beliefs and leadership challenges you face every day.

Desiring change is not enough. You have to know the right thing to do. Right now.

But how?

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A Harvard Business Review survey stated that training alone can improve performance by 22%, while training accompanied by coaching (that is, collaborative problem solving, feedback, and evaluation) can improve performance by 88%.

One-on-One Coaching with Barry E. Knight will help you achieve the 88% or more.

I'm ready to help you tap into your Future Self.


Let's Impact the World...Together!


Barry E. Knight


BEK Impact Co.

Creator, The Leadership Class

We often say this at BEK Impact, but it bears repeating over and over again...


“Whether your organization is healthy, dysfunctional, or stuck…it always acts like its leader!”

One-on-One Coaching Is Like Finding the Keys that Continuously Unlock Greater Levels of Personal Power and Leadership Potential

First and foremost, what you get with The Leadership Class One-on-One Coaching Program is a guide to help you navigate the many difficult and perplexing issues that you might face on a daily basis. You get practical guidance, but so much more. For example, the questions he may ask will help you to:


See underlying problems you may never have seen before.


Discover possible solutions that you may never have thought of before.


Gain a different and more positive perspective about your situation.


Understand and overcome the limiting beliefs and behaviors that limit your vision and future possibilities.

And yes, practical solutions from an objective, experienced, leadership coach to the seemingly endless and mind-boggling problems you must tackle every day.

Settle for the status quo?


You will never let that happen. Not you. Not your team. NEVER!

But Mostly, One-on-One Coaching With Barry E. Knight Will Finally Give You That Breakthrough You Need in Your Life and Leadership!

Learn and apply Barry’s practical wisdom to solve your daily struggles. And let his vision and passion open your eyes and reignite the passion for leadership within you.

In the One-on-One Leadership Coaching Program, you get:

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Two calls between you and Barry E. Knight every month.

Image by The Jopwell Collection

Unlimited email contact where Barry gives practical answers to questions about your problems that may arise on a daily basis.

Image by Ryland Dean

Accountability. Barry will encourage you and push you to implement your action steps and succeed.


Personal Leadership Assessments


360 degree team assessments

Barry only coaches about 10 executives at a time, so space is limited.

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