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Become a Transformational Leader in your organization, your industry, and your world!

We are giving you 5 coaching videos from The Leadership Class for FREE! Discover how you can lead with greater clarity and confidence and inspire transformational change in your organization...and the world! Get started NOW mastering the leadership behaviors that will remake your organization into a powerful agent of meaningful change!

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I am ready to become a transformational leader

Your Instructor:

Barry E. Knight

Is the founder and CEO of BEK Impact Corp. and is a Professional Certified Coach with over 15 years training and coaching leaders in the U.S. and South Africa.




“I am convinced that BEK Impact’s coaching program is the MOST EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE MEANS OF DEVELOPING MY PROFESSIONAL SKILLS...The value of the improvement I have made in my ability to move my leadership goals from concept to action is immeasurable.”

Garrett Bethel
Regional Manager
County of Riverside

What You Will Learn

The difference between an organization that merely exists and one where teams work collaboratively to make big things happen—well, it starts at the top.

This proven course is based on the 6 C's for leading transformational change!


Get your five FREE coaching videos and workbook from The Leadership Class.

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The Leadership Class Was Made For You...

If you are an emerging leader (1-5 years) who’s ready to increase your influence and impact now.


If you are leading big projects or initiatives that require you to make timely decisions and show up every day at your highest potential.

We made this course for the leader who is ready to learn principles and systems that will help them lead with greater clarity, confidence, influence, and impact. Empower your team, drive impact, and change your organization, city, and world.

After The Leadership Class you will be able to:


  • Lead with greater confidence and clarity

  • Become more influential

  • Rally your team around your vision

  • Improve your teams’ performance and productivity

  • Manifest your goals and vision faster

We are giving you 5 videos from The Leadership Class for FREE. If you like what you see and would like to enroll in a cohort, here’s what you’ll get:


  • 6 live coaching sessions

  • The Leadership Class Workbook

  • 15 coaching videos

  • Organizational Change Systems and frameworks used by our most successful clients

  • Email support

  • An actionable plan to grow yourself, your team, and your impact

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You’ve got nothing to lose. Try out these 5 coaching videos for FREE. Each video will be sent by email. If you decide to continue, schedule a call to enroll in a cohort. The cost is only $2,500 for the Cohort Class with 6 live coaching sessions with Barry E. Knight. A new cohort is launching soon!


We’re offering these 5 video lessons for free because we’re so sure that once you see for yourself how much these lessons will transform your ability to lead, you’ll gladly want to enroll and achieve more success.

The 6 Cs are:



Communicate a clear vision. The leader must inspire, engage, and empower others with that vision. You learn to communicate both what that vision looks like in the future and what needs to be done now and every day to achieve it.



Learn to overcome the limiting beliefs that keep you and your organization trapped in the status quo. Break through the doubts, the fear, and the obstacles that you will experience in the process of making transformational change.



Create a team that has a transformational culture and  identity. How you work together and who you believe yourself to be are crucial to effective teamwork.



Embody the values you want your organization to adopt. Plus, learn practical methods for leading with influence and becoming the leader that people love to follow and work with.



Get organizational cohesion by aligning and optimizing your team to best utilize each team member’s talents, by measuring success, and by going big.



Teach your team to be leaders. Empower those with the strongest, most focused vision. And leave an institutional legacy so that your organization continues to thrive long after you leave.



Priceless! Barry is a true motivator and can help any organization move forward to achieve their goals."

"Our organization was struggling to get a clear vision and direction to take on the path forward. Barry helped us gain clear focus
and to really pinpoint who our target market was. We have never been so focused and making purposeful strides towards a very specific goal." 


Michelle Thornburg
Ease T1D

Debbie George Co-Founder and CEO
Ease T1D

Enroll now for your 5 FREE video lessons from The Leadership Class

Leaders, all leaders up and down the organizational chart, even the best, struggle to maintain their vision. They often lose their focus. They often lose that fire that made them leaders in the first place. 


So often they struggle with: 


  • The demoralizing challenges that arise day-to-day 

  • Constant changes beyond their control 

  • Maintaining their confidence 

  • Believing in their own strength and ability to lead 

  • Getting their board and team to buy into the overall mission and vision of the organization

  • Aligning their whole team and its members with the goals of the organization


The Leadership Class — Online will inspire you to lead with: 


  • A newfound clarity of vision

  • Increased confidence in your ability to implement the vision 


And it will provide you with the practical skills you need to align your teams and make big things happen.

TLC Workbook Mockup.png

Here is just some of what you’ll accomplish during The Leadership Class:

Demolish the self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep you trapped in the status quo.

Tap into the source of your highest Future Self and clearly see and commit to that vision.

Become the world-class leader that people love to follow and work with.

Build an organizational culture and identity that empowers greater performance.

Get the right people and systems in place that complement (not compete with) your vision.

Use innovative leadership principles to work with your board and team to move your vision forward, faster and drive transformational change that lasts beyond you.




Impactful! It was refreshing and gave me clarity. I appreciate that because it puts me in a mindset to really get things going in our business."

"Our organization will forever be grateful for the outcome-driven approach to greatness.”

Dee Dee Harrison
Bakersfield City School District

Enroll now for your 5 FREE video lessons from The Leadership Class

Rasheed Terry 
Founder and CEO
Point Target Fitness

Here’s How it Works


Sign up for your 5 free videos


Each day you’ll receive one video with a leadership call to action


Implement the actionable advice in your real life


See for yourself how useful and practical the lessons are in helping to create transformation in yourself, your organization, in your industry or community.


After 5 days of free videos, decide whether you want to continue with the Live Cohort.

Or not.

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It’s easy. Just sign up below, and each day you’ll get a video in your email inbox giving you leadership secrets you’ll implement for a lifetime. If you don’t think the lessons are valuable, do nothing. You will not be enrolled in the following Leadership Class.


But if you see how valuable this course is from The free 5 lessons (and we think you will) only then enroll in The Leadership Class. You are not billed for The Leadership Class until you have elected to enroll in the Class after you have received the five emails with the video lessons.



Get your five leadership teaching and coaching videos for free.

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