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"I have to say without a doubt that your talk was and still is one of the 3


I [recorded and] have listened to your talk at least 2 dozen times and transcribed it to notes so that I got it down cold!” – Conference Attendee, Real Estate Broker and Financial Consultant


Barry was created to inspire hope, action, and change. It's what he lives for. So, if you need a speaker to deliver a '5 star' talk and empower the audience to elevate their leadership, influence, and social impact, then consider Barry for your next event. As a business leader and minister, he has masterfully blended his experience into an electrifying and captivating speaking style that helps position individuals for extraordinary achievement. Take time to view the topics below and click here to view more videos.


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Mastering Servant Leadership

Learn key servant leader strategies for engaging your team, inspiring greater performance, and reaching your organization's goals faster and more effectively.


The Fully Present Leader

This talk inspires leaders and influencers to grow to the level of impact where they become agents of change for their city/nation and lead and live as a bright light in a dark world.

The 4 P's of Social Change and Transformation 

Nothing changes without disruption. Learn the keys for leading a movement within the mission that results in local, national, or global transformation.

Overcoming the Tyranny of the 'What'

Learn how to go from busyness to focused productivity, overcome team dysfunction, and execute with a shared team identity and build a healthy, cohesive team.

How to Empower the Human Spirit (Inspire Hope, Action, and Change)

This talk will help attendees "hack" into human motivation and position people to take massive action in their personal and professional life.

Leadership that Empowers a City

Specifically for government, human service, and nonprofit leaders who desire to massively impact those they lead and serve. 


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