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Want Leadership Training, But Need Something Less Expensive or Shorter Than an 8-Week Class?

Barry E. Knight’s Clarity Coaching Package fills that need with a two-session option!

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You Can Be a Leader


When it comes to leadership, what do you imagine?

Do you picture people who take charge and inspire others to follow?

Even more to the point, do you wish you could be that person?

You’re not alone.

There are so many people out there who see the issues and want to make the changes that can make things better for everyone.

The difference between you and them is that you’re taking the first step towards growing as a leader, while most of them stay in the background and accept the status quo.

This all adds up to the fact that you’re willing to go the distance, but you probably also have a life to live. Time can be an issue, so now what do you do?

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That’s Where Clarity Coaching Comes In…


Enrolling in my Clarity Coaching Program is the best way to get started on your leadership journey. 

If The Leadership Class is a bit on the steep side for you, you’re uncertain about taking the 3 month plunge, or maybe you just don’t have the time, then this is an excellent first step.

I want to support you because I know that you have greater leadership skills waiting to be released with the right coaching.

You’ll gain…


  • Clarity in what it means to be a leader

  • Confidence in believing you CAN be an effective leader

  • Knowledge that will help you move forward in your voyage toward leadership

Why wouldn’t you want that for yourself?

Get Clarity Coaching Now

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Get Clarity Coaching Now

Barry E. Knight - Your Leadership Coach

When you work with my team and me, you won’t need to worry about anything other than getting to know more about who you are and what you’re capable of.

We’ll walk you through every step from start to finish, and you’ll see remarkable changes in yourself in the process.

It’s really that easy.


You Need Clarity Coaching

I’m confident that you can move forward with greater clarity and self-confidence by enrolling in my Clarity Coaching Package for $497.

In the Clarity Coaching Package, you’ll get…

  • Two 45-minute coaching calls with myself or one of our certified coaches

  • One week of unlimited email support

By working with me and my team, you’ll learn the process to effectively take the necessary actions towards becoming the leader you want to be.

Lead with greater clarity and confidence and discover that you can be the change you want to see.

Get Clarity Coaching Now
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