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Transformational Leadership  for Real Change

BEK Impact’s 8-week Leadership Class will reignite your passion for leadership and teach you how to create, inspire, and empower a team to make your vision a living reality.

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"Your approach was a game changer for us!
Our board is now working together as a team focused on a recipe for success that is based on common goals, agreed-upon timing, and mutual respect and trust. We can’t thank you enough for what has been a transformational experience for our organization."

Board Member,
Carol’s Kitchen

How Much Longer Is This Going to Go On?

They call you the leader.


You hold a position high atop the organizational charts.


You might even have an impressive title.


But sometimes you wonder:


“Do I really lead? From my position of authority, do I really make a difference? Am I really making a positive change in:”

“My organization?”
“My community?”
“My world?”


Or do you sometimes feel like the system is grinding you down? That the forces of malaise, passivity, and mediocrity are stronger than your power to make an impact? That, sometimes, the only way to get along is to just go along?


Do you feel like, in reality, your leadership isn’t making much of a difference at all?


This can change. This must change. And the time for change is NOW.

You are better than this.


You have the power.


You have the will.


And you have the vision: the vision to be a true leader, to make real change, to be a force for good in this world.


What you need is the confidence, the clarity, and the conviction that overcomes all doubts and obstacles.


You need the right coaching...


And the right skills. How to communicate with force and passion. How to build a cohesive team.


You can become the powerful leader you know you really are. You can become a forceful change agent. You can have a powerful impact in this world. Your vision, your passion, can become reality.


The complacency and mediocrity have been going on for too long.

If you are absolutely determined to be an authentic leader, then the time for change is NOW.

The BEK Impact 8-Week Leadership Class is About Transformation: Transforming Your Leadership, Transforming Your Team, and Making Your Team a Transformational Force for Good in the World

My name is

Barry E Knight.

I’ve been training leaders and helping to transform organizations around the world for over 15 years.

As I always say: “Whether an organization is healthy, dysfunctional, or stuck, it always acts like its leader.”

Is your organization moving in the right direction with clarity and intent, or is your organization adrift in the sea of mediocrity because false consensus and groupthink dominate?

In The Leadership Class, you learn the 6 Cs that will transform the health of your leadership and the health of your organization. You will learn to become the powerful, impactful leader of a dynamic, cohesive, and motivated organization.


In the course, we spend 10 days on each
of the 6 Cs. The 6 Cs are:



Communicate a clear vision. The leader must inspire, engage, and empower others with that vision. You learn to communicate both what that vision looks like in the future and what needs to be done now to achieve it.



Learn to overcome the self-limiting doubts that keep you and your organization enslaved to the status quo. Break through the doubts, the pain, and the obstacles that will be thrown your way in the process of making transformational change.



Create a team that has a clear culture and a proud identity. How you work together and who you believe yourself to be are crucial to effective teamwork.



Embody the values you want your organization to adopt. Plus, learn practical methods for moving and structuring your organization to realize the changes you are your team commit to.



Get organizational cohesion by aligning your team to best utilize each team member’s talents, by measuring success, and by going big).



Teach your team to be leaders. Empower those with the strongest, most focused vision. And leave an institutional legacy so that your organization continues to perform miracles even after you leave.

Don’t think this class is all just pie in the sky, unicorns, rainbows, and feel-good stuff. 

It’s visionary, but it’s also extremely practical and requires hard work. Only take this class if you really want to change. If you’re just going through the motions to make yourself feel better, forget it.

But if you do put in the real work this class requires, you will feel a sense of peace, vigor, renewed self-confidence, and fulfillment in your work that comes from integrity. 

At last, you will finally put into practice the values and vision that made you a leader in the first place. You will no longer be afraid of what “the powers that be” might do to you. 

But rather, you will know that you and your team are moving forward together, undaunted, with the power and conviction that comes from knowing you are making the impact you are supposed to make. 

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Image by Austin Distel

How Does It Work?


Click on the secure checkout page and fill out your name and email.


Make payment by credit card or PayPal.


Start receiving class materials by email, going online for group coaching sessions, and doing homework assignments at the scheduled times.


“I am convinced that BEK Impact’s coaching program is the most efficient and effective means of developing my professional skills...The value of the improvement I have made in my ability to move my leadership goals from concept to action is immeasurable.”

Regional Manager,
County of Riverside

A Little About Barry E. Knight and Some of the Organizations that Have Benefited from the Training of BEK Impact

Since my earliest youth, leadership has been my passion and my superpower. 

I have both a bachelor’s and master’s in Leadership, and I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.

I have been engaged in leadership training around the world for over 15 years, serving Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit and human service agencies, universities, school districts, and churches. I have been able to instigate transformational change wherever I have gone. 


Here is a shortlist of some of our most recent clients:



What Is the Value of Becoming a Dynamic, Transformational Leader?

It is hard to put a price tag on the feeling you get when you realize that you are finally fulfilling your hidden potential. That you are accomplishing the things you always knew you could do but hadn’t accomplished before. 

It’s hard to put a price tag on the satisfaction you get knowing that you and your team are finally working smoothly to achieve your goals of meaningful and transformational change..

The price of this 8-week leadership class is $2997. That is just a little more than $360 a week. 

You can make this investment in yourself, in your personal fulfillment as a successful and impactful leader....

Or, you can continue to let paralysis, “safety,” and false consensus  govern your organization. 

If you are satisfied with the status quo, this class is not for you. 

But if you know that a change has to come, that it begins with you, and the time is now, then you know the value of this class is beyond mere dollars and cents.

Business Woman
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“Over the course of 3 years, I have elicited the service of Barry E Knight to provide messages of empowerment, leadership, and motivation. Riveting and inspirational only begin to describe the impact his words of affirmation provided. Our organization will forever be grateful for the lives transformed through Barry’s motivating and outcome-driven approach to greatness.”

Dee Dee Harrison, Director,
Bakersfield City School District

The Only Time for Real Change Is Now

Either you are moving forward or you are standing still. If you are waiting to make changes tomorrow you are standing still. You are not changing.

Learn to become a transformational leader NOW. The opportunity is right here, right now, right at your fingertips. 

You don’t have to have that empty feeling inside, knowing that you’ve just settled, that the vision and passion that makes you feel alive is dead inside of you.

Bring forth your passion. Bring forth the power within you to make this world a better place. This is your destiny. This is what makes your life meaningful.

It begins now.

The Leadership Class will rekindle your hope, teach you the skills to lead, inspire, transform your organization, and make your organization a powerful and transformational force for good in the world.

Change happens now. Are you ready? Or are you going to stand still and wait?


The time is now. Discover the joy of real leadership.

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