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“Challenges are solved by rising to a level higher than the challenge.”

Deepak Chopra

Many government and public leaders want to increase socio-economic outcomes for historically marginalized groups... but it's hard to do! BEK Impact can help you simplify your initiatives and drive greater impact and change with our 4 Drivers System!

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What Is The 4 Drivers System?

The 4 Drivers System is a data-driven, systems thinking model designed to help teams and multi-agency collaborations solve complex organizational and social challenges faster. The Drivers work together to achieve the desired outcome and include:


Shared Aspirations - the goals and objectives created by organizational leadership, staff, and the community it serves.


Supportive Resources - provide infrastructure, equitable services and resources to enhance the wellbeing of your community and their ability to give back to society.

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Customized Learning Pathways - design accessible, culturally responsive, and equitable Learning Pathways to help your community achieve its shared aspirations.

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Intentional Community - commitment to creating cohesive, safe, and secure opportunities to celebrate diversity, generate ideas, and shape policies.

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“Barry listened intently to the vision I had set for my staff and families and produced a series of impactful steps that moved our district to a whole new level!”

Dee Dee Harrison, Director, Family and Community Engagement, Bakersfield City School District

Why Do You Need The 4 Drivers System?

Government and public sector executive leaders want to drive greater engagement and equitable outcomes in their communities. However, the fast-paced work keeps them from seeing the whole picture and slowing down to understand the problem well enough to work collaboratively to find a way to solve it. 

The 4 Drivers System is designed to help leaders solve challenges by going to the inner source to understand operations. By training and coaching your leadership team on how to simplify the problem, see the contribution of each part, and optimize the relationship of their collective roles, transformational change becomes a real possibility.

Our model saves you time and resources by helping you identify the smallest, most viable outcome. This method allows us to optimize operations more effectively, track and measure progress, achieve results faster, and design solutions that can be scaled organization-wide.

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Our Process for Achieving Transformational Change


1. Assessment: Get clear on your vision, what's working against you, gaps, and the Driver(s) we need to focus on to move forward.


2. Design and Align: Design solutions for socio-economic mobility and ensure stakeholders

are working in sync toward the vision.


3. Leadership Development: Provide leaders the skills needed to solve problems and lead transformational change.


4. Practice: Implement the solution, build organizational capacity, align and optimize strategic collaboration, and create feedback loops.


5. Continuous Improvement. Measure and study results, learn faster, refine the strategy, find short-term successes, and drive long-term impact.


"Your approach was a game changer for us! Our board is now working together as a team focused on a recipe for success that is based on common goals, agreed-upon timing, and mutual respect and trust. We can’t thank you enough for what has been a transformational experience for our organization.”

Board Member,
Carol’s Kitchen



We know the public sector is a large key for creating pathways leading to socio-economic success among citizens. It is our goal to identify the systems and practices that contribute to inequity and disproportionality in underrepresented communities by assessing, training, and developing public sector leaders and staff with the objective of promoting equitable opportunities for all served.

All leaders can benefit from getting the right training. Get a fresh perspective, gather new insight on any existing challenges, and identify the patterns to finally reach a genuine solution. With the 4 Drivers System, we’ll help you drive change faster.

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