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Transform Your Leaders. Transform Your Organization. Lead with Greater Clarity, Confidence, Influence, and Impact!

Increase your leadership teams' impact by bringing the transformational principles of The Leadership Class directly to your workplace.

Is your organization moving decisively in the right direction with clarity and intent? Or is your organization becoming institutionalized with no creativity and imagination or filled with managers who can complete a task, but struggle to rally together and cohesively lead your vision forward?

In The Leadership Class — Onsite, you and your team will learn the 6 Cs that will transform how you lead and drive greater impact and change. You and your team will become the powerful, impactful leaders of a dynamic, cohesive, and motivated organization.

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The 6 Cs are:



Communicate a clear vision. The leader must inspire, engage, and empower others with that vision. You learn to communicate both what that vision looks like in the future and what needs to be done now and every day to achieve it.



Learn to overcome the limiting beliefs that keep you and your organization trapped in the status quo. Break through the doubts, the fear, and the obstacles that you will experience in the process of making transformational change.



Create a team that has a transformational culture and  identity. How you work together and who you believe yourself to be are crucial to effective teamwork.



Embody the values you want your organization to adopt. Plus, learn practical methods for leading with influence and becoming the leader that people love to follow and work with.



Get organizational cohesion by aligning and optimizing your team to best utilize each team member’s talents, by measuring success, and by going big.



Teach your team to be leaders. Empower those with the strongest, most focused vision. And leave an institutional legacy so that your organization continues to thrive long after you leave.

Leaders, all leaders up and down the organizational chart, even the best, struggle to maintain their vision. They often lose their focus. They often lose that fire that made them leaders in the first place. 


So often they struggle with: 


  • The demoralizing challenges that arise day-to-day 

  • Constant changes beyond their control 

  • Maintaining their confidence 

  • Believing in their own strength and ability to lead 

  • Getting their board and team to buy into the overall mission and vision of the organization

  • Aligning their whole team and its members with the goals of the organization


The Leadership Class — Onsite will inspire your leaders: 


  • With a newfound clarity of vision

  • With confidence in their ability to implement the vision 


And it will provide your leaders the practical skills they need to align their teams and make big things happen.

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The Leadership Class will be a life-changing experience for you and your entire team as, together, you learn to make transformational leadership the core value of your organization’s culture.

How It Works

Our 12 Month Coaching Partnership Includes:

Creative Office

1. Two full days of live, onsite training on the principles from The Leadership Class. Our trainings are fast-paced with a lot of interaction, not slow and boring.

Friendly Business Team

2. Live,  monthly coaching sessions, where your team works with a BEK Impact coach to implement The Leadership Class principles in context with their organizational strategy.

Customer Service

3. Email support and advice during regular business hours 365 days a year.


4. Pre- and post- leadership self-assessments, 360 Degree Assessments, Practice, performance and productivity improvement.

Modern Office

5. Quarterly strategy sessions with the BEK Impact leadership team tailored to the needs of your organization.



“Your approach was a game-changer for us! Our board is now working together as a team focused on a recipe for success that is based on common goals, agreed-upon timing, and mutual respect and trust. We can’t thank you enough for what has been a transformational experience for our organization.”

Board Member

Leaders Are Created,

Not Born

No one ever became good at anything without dedication, a lot of practice, and the right training. Leadership is no different. As the leader of your organization, you must ensure that your team learns the time-tested principles of leadership. And that your team gets the right coaching to apply those principles.

And that’s where The Leadership Class — Onsite comes in. You and your leadership team will learn things about leadership that will open your eyes — . New ideas and insights that will help your entire team to see a world of new possibilities.

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Business Woman

The Leadership Class will inspire you.

Business Meeting

The Leadership Class will inspire your team.

Business People Applauding

The Leadership Class will change your entire organization

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The Leadership Class will bring much-needed change to the world around you. 

The Benefits of Having a Coach

Here are just a few of the advantages of the on-site The Leadership Class:

Business People Mingling

The class and discussions are tailored to the issues and needs of your particular organization.

Young Businesswomen

The personal coaching by BEK Impact coaches provides an excellent model for how your leaders should coach leadership within the organization.

Business Discussion

The lessons are often discussed within the organization by participants even when the coaches are gone. Leadership becomes “water cooler” talk.

Team Meeting

Group learning of the principles of The Leadership Class fosters the alignment  necessary for increasing organizational effectiveness and achieving outcomes faster.

Colleagues in Meeting

When your leaders learn the same principles of leadership together, it develops a culture of leadership and initiative that permeates the organization.

Modern Office

Group learning of leadership principles can create an excitement, a feeling of inspiration, an ever-growing synergy that can set your entire organization on fire.

Is leadership just a talking point or are you really serious about creating change that makes a meaningful difference in the world? Your organization can roar like a lion. And run like a machine. It just takes commitment…and the right, simple process for creating breakthrough success.

Make transformational change happen now!

By providing this training to your whole leadership team, you can create confidence, enthusiasm, and a sense of hope and fulfillment throughout your organization that you might have thought was never possible.

The Leadership Class Onsite Is About Transformation: Transforming Your Leadership, Transforming Your Organization, and Bringing Out The Leadership Potential of Your Entire Team


“Whether an organization is healthy, dysfunctional or stuck, it always acts like its leader.”

Barry E. Knight

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Find out more about The Leadership Class — Onsite. Schedule a meeting for more information.

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