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Attend The Leadership Class, with teacher and coach, Barry E. Knight, and discover how you can lead and inspire transformational change in your organization...and the world. 

Learn BEK Impact’s 6 Principles for Leading Transformational Change!

The difference between an organization that merely exists and one where teams work collaboratively to make big things happen — well, it starts at the top. 
As we say at BEK Impact Co.


“Whether your organization is healthy, dysfunctional, or stuck…it always acts like its leader.” 


You worked hard to be the leader. But for you, just carrying a leadership title is not enough. You’re driven by a vision that’s bigger than you. A vision to do something transformational in your organization, your industry, your city, or even your nation. 
Yet, despite all your hard work and passion, it's difficult to break old organizational beliefs, patterns, and systems and get people aligned and cohesively moving toward what you know can be accomplished. Sometimes, you even feel like your leadership is limited and routine.
How do you break these limitations and become the leader you know you can be? 


Hello Friend, 


My name is Barry E. Knight. For more than 15 years I’ve been honored to teach and coach executive leaders, directors, pastors, and business owners on how to grow themselves, influence their teams, and accomplish more than they could ever imagine. I also get to lead a great leadership consulting firm called BEK Impact Co.   

As you’ve probably heard John Maxwell say, “Everything rises and falls on leadership!” I believe this 100%. And that’s why I’ve committed my life to helping leaders figure out a way to transform themselves so they can transform their organizations and society. And considering the times we’re in now, it is necessary now more than ever. Therefore, YOU are necessary now more than ever!

It may or may not matter to you but I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and have a Masters in Leadership. I’ve been honored to train and coach hundreds of leaders around the U.S. and in countries around the world. This experience and knowledge has enabled me to create learning pathways for other leaders to increase their influence and impact. 

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I’ve found that many leaders really want to be world class, transformational leaders but struggle trying to manage competing priorities, make the right decisions, and get people to work together toward change. If you’re like them, you probably rarely find time to grow yourself and create a vision that inspires people to action. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


So to help leaders like you grow and lead change in your organization and society, I created The Leadership Class. 


In this 1-Day Summit you’ll learn how to: 


  • Demolish the self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep you trapped in the status quo. 

  • Tap into the Source of your highest Future Self and clearly see and commit to the vision. 

  • Become the world class leader that people love to follow and work with 

  • Build an organizational culture and identity that empowers greater performance 

  • Get the right people and systems in place that compliment (not compete against) your vision 

  • Use innovative leadership principles to move your vision forward, faster and drive transformational change that lasts beyond you.

“Merced County Office of Education brought Barry E. Knight in twice this past year. His message to our leaders was equally inspiring and as timely as it was before. I endorse Barry for any organization that wants to reflect on what matters most to their organization and their clients and is willing to act on that new understanding.”

Dr. Steve Tietjen, Superintendent, Merced County Office of Education

Transform Your Organization Using the 6 Principles of Leading Transformational Change

It’s time for you and your organization to be the change makers you’ve always imagined you could be. The 6 Principles of Leading Transformational Change are how you get there.


They are:



A breakthrough, big-picture, fearless vision that inspires everyone and everything you do.



Put your vision into practice with total conviction despite the risks. Confidence replaces certainty and consensus, the allies of corporate mediocrity and the status quo.



Be the leader your team loves to follow and work with. It all starts from the top.



Build a corporate culture and identity. Don’t hire merely for what people do, but for who they are, and how they align with who the company is.



Align your team with your vision and maximize performance using our One S.T.E.P. Vision Execution Playbook.



Change is an on-going process. Teach these principles to your team and build your legacy.

This Summit has priceless and actionable advice on how to make your organization the force for good it was meant to be. 


Here’s what one attendee had to say:

"I am convinced that BEK Impact’s coaching program is the MOST EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE MEANS OF DEVELOPING MY PROFESSIONAL SKILLS...The value of the improvement I have made in my ability to move my leadership goals from concept to action is immeasurable.”

Regional Manager, County of Riverside

Is The Leadership Class for Me?

YES, if you:

A) Have been in your leadership role for 5 years or less and want to increase your influence and impact now

B) Are leading a big project or initiative that requires you to show up everyday at your highest potential


If you want to learn principles and systems that will transform the way you show up as a leader, empower your team, and drive impact and change in your organization, city, and your world, then you need to be at The Leadership Class 1-Day Summit. 


You will get all of this and more. And I guarantee results or you pay nothing. No questions. My job is to help you to lead more effectively and realize your vision.

After this 1 Day Summit, you will be able to: 


  • Lead from your greatest potential

  • Become more influential 

  • Rally your teams around your vision 

  • Improve your teams' performance and productivity 

  • Manifest your goals and vision faster

Your $97 investment includes:


  • The Leadership Class Workbook 

  • Unlimited access to the entire Summit teaching video

    TWO free Coaching Intensive and Accountability sessions

    Organizational Change Systems and Frameworks used by our most successful clients

  • An actionable plan to grow yourself, your team, and your impact


Over the course of 3 years, I have elicited the services of Barry E. Knight to provide messages of empowerment, leadership, and motivation. Riveting and inspirational only begin to describe the impact his words of affirmation provided. Our organization will forever be grateful for the lives transformed through Barry’s motivating and outcome-driven approach to greatness.

Dee Dee Harrison, Director, Bakersfield City School District.

Are you ready to move your vision forward, faster? Are you ready to stand firm in your truth and bring real change - regardless of the politics and tremendous pressure you face? 


Are you ready to show up confident every day? Lead your team with confidence? And lead transformational change? 


Then enroll today in The Leadership Class 1 Day Summit. 


The price is $97. The inspiration and practical knowledge that will make you a better leader are priceless. 


Change begins now.

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