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Allow our team to design and execute evidenced-informed social impact programs that help your organization create equitable pathways for marginalized communities to achieve greater socio-economic success. 


We've found that cities, communities, businesses, and organizations thrive and succeed when they empower people in 4 areas we call, "The 4 Realms of Human Achievement and Transformation." (Hover for more info):

Economic and Environmental
Social and Security

Our Approach

"The 4 Realms of Human Achievement and Transformation!" is a systems thinking approach that helps us to:


1. Assess and discover the root to the issue we're trying to solve and what we want to see

2. Determine where your organization/business must focus to have the greatest impact

3. Set S.M.A.R.T.E.S.T goals and outcomes with stakeholders (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bound, Engaging, Satisfying, Team Bound) and build leadership/team capacity to execute.

4. Utilize the collective power of multi-sector partnerships to build out program, support implementation, and optimize relationships with stakeholders and the community (click here to Learn more about "360 Execution")

5. Execute, track, and measure program in partnership with your agency and get results faster!

How We Deliver This to You

Social change and impact is a long term approach, so we accept contracts only if we're able to work with your organization for a minimum of 12 months. 


We customize our One S.T.E.P. Vision Execution PlaybookLeading Transformational Change, and the 4 Realms framework to increase your organization's ability to solve the most pressing social needs at their core and achieve and sustain equitable outcomes.


Many social organizations and foundations have a heart for social change, but lack the time and experience to commit to it. So we design, execute, and manage social change programs and build the organization's leadership capacity to sustain results.


"Programs don't change people; people change people!"



The directors from three Southern California county children services division's experienced high racial disparity and disproportionality rates among African American children and families and wanted to solve it from the executive office to the front line. 


For two of the counties, we provided customized training and coaching to help them become fully present with a deeper cultural understanding of African American families. They created projects that resulted in practice and policy change. The third county contracted with us as Bridge Partners. In addition to providing coaching and training for their social service professionals, we also conducted research, created partnerships with schools and community based organizations. Lastly, we developed coaching programs to help parents successfully navigate through the system and develop the mindset, beliefs, and behaviors to increase life and parenting skills that avoid the system. 


To date, the projects have been implemented, policies have been reviewed and changes are being made, and follow up training is in place to ensure the behaviors are maintained. It is too soon to write about any macro impact, but the executive directors have committed to perpetuating change throughout their tenure. 


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