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"I've had the privilege of knowing Barry E. Knight for several years, and have always known him to be a man of integrity and character, humble and astute, exuding an outstanding relational IQ. These qualities reflect well on his leadership skills, and also equips him well to coach, teach, and empower those around him. Barry knows very well how to draw the calling and giftings inside of you, by simply asking questions that make you reflect and draw conclusions from your own responses. When the light bulb turns on, Barry then helps steer your course by helping you keep the right perspective and focus. I appreciate what Barry brings to the table and he is indeed a true leader who leads from the heart."

Goby Demena, Vice President, Specialty Banking Relationship Manager, Commerce West Bank 


"I had been struggling with my role in an organization I had been with for 20 years. A change in leadership had affected my confidence and motivation. I met with Barry E. Knight for just a few sessions and was able to take steps to launch out to start a new business I had been dreaming of for years. Thanks Barry!"

– Coaching Client


"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work that you have provided. You came in during a critical time when our program was experiencing several challenges in regards to communication and trust. You were able to create a system and means of communicating to strengthen the bond and working relationships within the program. The staff and I still use the tools you have provided today to effectively communicate with each other. We plan to continue using your services to develop our leadership teams and look forward to working with you more in the future." – Sophia Isom, Program Director, City and County of San Francisco 

"I have observed Barry bring an air of calmness and peace to a room that is filled with hostility and aggression.  I have observed him engage our clients on a level that draws out honesty and participation from even our most resistant clients."

– Regional Manager, Riverside County, CA Child Protective Services


"In my fifteen year journey of professional development within a government agency, I have literally attended hundreds of hours of training. There was the occasional training that fell short of my expectations, however the vast majority fell within the good to excellent range.  Nevertheless, after experiencing the benefits of coaching with Barry E. Knight, I am convinced that his coaching program is the most efficient and effective means of developing my professional skills that I have encountered.  The value of the improvement I have made in my ability to move my leadership goals from concept to action is immeasurable. Thank you Barry E. Knight!!!"

Garrett Bethel, Former Regional Manager, Riverside County, CA Child Protective Services


"I wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to be coached by you. Since then, I’m in a very better space, and understand the importance of working on me, coaching and leading others. I thank you for your presence, your expertise, your coaching, and not being judgmental."

– Carol Sentell-Bassett, MSW, San Francisco County, CA Child Protective Services


"Our management team was not functioning as a team. We have two different levels of management and the tension between the two levels was palpable. Barry E. Knight was able to help bring the team together and create a safe environment in which the team felt comfortable enough to open up about what the 'real issues' were and how they were impacting folks at the individual level as well as the team. Barry kept the team focused on what our goal and purpose was and how were we going to work together to get there. We are just in the beginning stages of putting our words into actions but so far there seems to be a renewed hope and effort amongst the team.

 Sylvia DePorto, Former Asst. Director San Francisco County Family and Children Services





“Most speakers share their wisdom with the audience. Few speak from their heart. But very rarely do speakers share their wisdom while speaking from the heart. That’s what makes Barry E. Knight a very rare speaker.”

Patrick Bet – David, Founder and CEO, People Helping People


“When you came to our office, I recorded your talk that day on ‘The 5 Elements of Competition’.  I have to say without a doubt that your talk was and still is one of the 3 most inspiring talks I have ever witnessed. I have listened to your talk at least 2 dozen times and transcribed it to notes so that I got it down cold”

Conference Attendee, Real Estate Broker and Financial Consultant


“Barry E. Knight is an inspirational man of God who is an effective communicator to all nationalities and ages. He ‘brought it’ when we invited him to speak at chapel! He drew our students in, had them laughing as he shared his stories, and had us pondering as we left. He brings passion and conviction as he preaches from God’s Word.”

Bryan Sands, Director of Campus Ministries, Hope International University


"Your talk with Creative Solutions for Kids and Families certified [foster] parents was not only inspiring but one that engages the participants to examine their individual purpose and influence to the foster children that they serve. You delivered your talk with practical concepts that allow individuals to think, clarify and internalize. It was indeed a talk that appeals to the hearts and minds, motivating parents towards a purposeful fostering."

Dr. Ryan Cargando, President/CEO Creative Solutions for Kids and Families Foster Family Agency


"Barry was the keynote speaker at one of my recent Region Meetings.  His message was very motivating and well received.  His perspective is fresh, new, and uplifting."

Rosemary Jiron, Regional Manager, Riverside County, CA Child Protective Services


"Barry E. Knight presented at our Regional Meeting in June 2012. His message was extremely positive and uplifting. I have received more compliments from staff regarding Barry than any other presenter. Further, my staff is requesting that he be invited to future Regional Meetings and events. Barry is truly exceptional and I look forward to him returning to my Region."

Dean Wilson, Regional Manager, Riverside County, CA Child Protective Services


"I wanted to take a few moments to let you know how much I appreciate your support. I had asked you to present at my region meeting, and asked you to speak to workers about engaging clients. I was not sure what I was going to get, but in the end what we got was a great practical guide to interacting with our clients. What made this so spectacular is that when social workers asked you about particular situations you were able to role play what that interaction would look like. The interaction was real and so easily doable with a change of our thought process. The Seven Affirmations you provided my workers was amazing."

Theresa Solomon-Billings, Regional Manager, Riverside County, CA Child Protective Services


"Thank you for your presentation at our Regional Meeting. You did a great job of delivering the information and supporting positive morale in the Region. The feedback from the social workers was outstanding about your presentation."

Supervisor, Riverside County, CA Child Protective Services




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