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Staff Meeting

Transformational Change in Your Organization. In Your Community. In the World.

Inspired Leadership
Bold Vision
Focused, Cohesive Teamwork for Decisive Impact

 Inspire, focus, and align your team to make your organization a powerful agent of change.

How Can We Serve You?

Drive Greater Social Impact and Equitable Outcomes

Build and align your team with the 4-Drivers System and achieve equitable social outcomes faster and more effectively


“Whether an organization is healthy or dysfunctional, it always acts like its leader!”

Barry E. Knight

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BEK Impact’s Leadership Class

Rediscover the Joy of Authentic Leadership

Inspire your team, overcome inertia and groupthink, and get your team laser-focused on accomplishing your shared vision.


All through the 6 C’s.


“Fully Present Leaders master existing in two dimensions at the same time: you're fully in the future creating what's possible and fully in the present inspiring your team to grow and make it happen!"

Barry E. Knight

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BEK Impact’s Leadership Class


1. Inspire your team with a clear, bold, vision


2. Build morale by creating a coherent team culture with a proud identity


3. Choose the right people for their job and their place in the team culture


4. Inspire team confidence and dispel self-limiting doubts


5. Coordinate and align your team with each team member engaged doing their part to achieve the common goal


“The more complex, political, or fast-paced, your organization is, the more human it needs to be.”

Barry E. Knight

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