Impact: It Begins With Your Leadership!

Become a transformational leader and conquer the forces of the status quo. Inspire, focus, and align your team to make your organization an agent of meaningful, transformational change.

In your community.
In your city, state, and nation.
And in the world!


You know there’s a better way.

It was your passionate vision of a better way that brought you to the position of leader. And now it’s your job to make that better way
a reality.

Little did you know the power of groupthink. Little did you understand how strong are the forces of inertia and the status quo.

Sometimes you think, “It might be easier to just go along like everyone else.”

But then your inner determination says, “Never.”

Still, you struggle with the problem. “How do I inspire my people? How do I get them to buy into my vision? How do I end the conflicts, the politics, and all the competing priorities? How do I get my people to work as one to make our world and our community a better place?”

Answering those questions is what we’re all about here at BEK Impact. How to rediscover the fire that made you so passionate to lead. How to light that fire in your team. How to coordinate and align the efforts of your team to make real that fiery vision of positive change you all must share. 


It takes determination and strong will. 


But it takes wisdom and skill, too. 

If you’re ready to become that transformative leader you’ve always wanted to be and know you really are, you’ve come to the right place.Let BEK Impact show you the way to passionate leadership that creates real change.


How Can We Serve You?

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Drive Greater Social Impact and Equitable Outcomes

To Create More Equitable Social Outcomes it Takes a Leader. But it also Takes a Team.

Learn how to align your team and laser-focus all your team’s efforts to achieve your vision of transformational change.

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You’re the leader. Does that just mean you hold a fancy title? Or does it mean you and your team make a real, positive impact on this world of ours?

If you want to be that transformational leader, you can’t do it alone. Speeches now and then and managing the daily political squabbles in your organization aren’t enough. You must build a team that shares your vision and works cohesively to make that vision a reality.

But building a well-aligned, cohesive team is harder than you thought. You have people in place, and everyone seems busy, and yet it doesn’t feel like your team is accomplishing all that it can. Do any of these common organizational problems seem familiar to you?

  • Staff that lacks motivation due to having no clear, unifying vision

  • Staff that isn’t “sold” on the organization’s mission

  • Internal divisions due to competing interests and priorities

  • Distrust of the leader and/or each other

  • Seeking the safety, comfort, and “certainty” of sticking with the status quo and false consensus

  • Goals piled on, one after another until none of them mean anything

  • Fixing the symptoms of problems rather than getting at the root of the problem

Abraham Lincoln famously said: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Most organizations are divided against themselves. Within them, competing interests are often working at cross-purposes, nullifying the efforts to enact transformational change. Some people resist any kind of change at all.

Here’s how to get your team aligned and working enthusiastically as one unit to achieve your mission. It’s called the 4 Drivers System.

Here Are the 4 drivers:

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Shared Aspirations:
It starts with a passionate vision shared and created by the whole team, in which all are invested. Without shared aspirations, your organization becomes disjointed, dysfunctional, and inefficient, as individuals and silos pursue competing agendas.

Supported Resources: 

Your organization needs more than a vision and its people need the resources to make that vision happen. This means more than just infrastructure and funding. Supportive resources also mean equitable services that build team morale by enhancing the quality of life, well-being, and opportunities for the diverse members of your organizational community.

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Customized Learning Pathways: 

Train your team, of course. But how? Get buy-in by encouraging the learners to participate in creating their own learning experience. And design accessible, culturally responsive, and equitable learning pathways that highlight and build upon the individuals’ and your community’s natural abilities and skills.

Intentional Community:

Get passionate commitment to the shared aspiration by creating a culture and identity that celebrates the value and diversity of each individual. Create a safe environment in which every person is committed to the open discussion of original ideas that further the accomplishment of the shared aspiration.

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You have a passion for making your organization an agent of beneficial change in the world. The question has always been, how? How do you get your team aligned and cohesively moving toward greater social impact and change?

The 4 Driver’s System is the answer.

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“Your Approach Was a Game-Changer for Us!

Our Board is now working together as a team focused on a recipe for success, which is based upon common goals, agreed-upon timing, and mutual respect and trust. We can’t thank you enough for what has been a transformational experience for our organization.” 


Board Member, Carol’s Kitchen


“The more complex, political, or fast-paced your organization is, the more human it needs to be."

Barry E. Knight

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“You came during a critical time when our team was experiencing several challenges in regards to communication and trust. You were able to help us


We plan to continue using your services to develop our leadership team…”


Barry E. Knight

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BEK Impact’s Leadership Class

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“Whether an organization is healthy or dysfunctional, it always acts like its leader!”

Barry E. Knight


Rediscover the Joy of Authentic Leadership

You’re there. The Leader. You have the title, the position, the responsibility. And you’ve got the passion and vision to make a real difference.

Or so you thought. It turns out it’s not that simple. Every organization has its “ways.” The forces of complacency, of mediocrity, of inertia that prefer the easy status quo to the challenge of transformative change. These forces are much stronger than you reckoned.

The challenges of just putting out the political fires that erupt every day can overwhelm your vision and your clarity. And within your organization, there are so many different agendas. Agendas competing with each other. And even competing with yours.

Sometimes it seems so much easier to let yourself be swallowed up by the system, to just go with the flow and get along, like so many before you had done.


But you’re stronger than that. You have a passion and a determination that will not let you rest. You will not be content until you have transformed your organization into the force for good you know it should be.


However, passion and will alone are not enough. You need to know how to assert control, how to inspire your people, and how to align your team to make it the powerful and focused instrument of change you envision.

Here’s how.

It’s called the BEK Leadership Class. In the Leadership Class, you will master the 6 principles of leadership. By mastering these 6 principles you will get your team to enthusiastically engage in your vision and avoid team dysfunction, silos,
and burnout.

It’s all in the 6 C’s.

Here’s how.

It’s called the BEK Leadership Class. In the Leadership Class, you will master the 6 principles of leadership. By mastering these 6 principles you will get your team to enthusiastically engage in your vision and avoid team dysfunction, silos,
and burnout.

It’s all in the 6 C’s.



Communicate a clear vision. The leader must inspire, engage, and empower others with that vision. You learn to communicate both what that vision looks like in the future and what needs to be done now to achieve it.



Learn to overcome the self-limiting doubts that keep you and your organization enslaved to the status quo. Break through the doubts, the pain, and the obstacles that will be thrown your way in the process of making transformational change.




Create a team that has a clear culture and a proud identity. How you work together and who you believe yourself to be are crucial to effective teamwork.



Embody the values you want your organization to adopt. Plus, learn practical methods for moving and structuring your organization to realize the changes you are your team

commit to.



Get organizational cohesion by aligning your team to best utilize each team member’s talents, by measuring success, and by going big.



Teach your team to be leaders. Empower those with the strongest, most focused vision. And leave an institutional legacy so that your organization continues to perform miracles even after you leave.

A true leader is a visionary. But they are also intensely practical. As a leader, you have to know where you are going and understand exactly how to get your team there.

In the Leadership Class, you will renew your joy and passion for leadership, learn to inspire your team with that same passion, and align your team to get them to be efficient and focused agents of the transformational change
this world needs.

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I am convinced the BEK Impact’s coaching program is the MOST EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE MEANS OF DEVELOPING MY PROFESSIONAL SKILLS...The value of the improvement I have made in my ability to move my leadership goals from concept to action is immeasurable.

Regional Manager, County of Riverside

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“Fully Present Leaders master existing in two dimensions at the same time: you're fully in the future creating what's possible and fully in the present inspiring your team to grow and make it happen!"

Barry E. Knight