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(Virtual Summit)


Do You Want To Unleash Your Power To Lead And Impact Change?

Enroll in The Leadership Class live! Discover how you can lead and inspire transformational change in your organization... and the world. 

Saturday, October 16th, 8a-11a PDT (Live online)

What You Will Learn

The difference between an organization that merely exists and one where teams work collaboratively to make big things happen — well, it starts at the top. 

This live, online event is based on 6 proven principles for leading transformational change! 


Here is just some of what you’ll acomplish during The Leadership Class


Demolish the self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep you trapped in the status quo.


Tap into the Source of your highest Future Self and clearly see and commit to the vision.


Become the world class leader that people love to follow and work with


Build an organizational culture and identity that empowers greater performance


Get the right people and systems in place that compliment (not compete against) your vision


Use innovative leadership principles to move your vision forward, faster and drive transformational change that lasts beyond you.



Your Instructor:

Barry E. Knight

is the founder and CEO of BEK Impact Corp. and is a Professional Certified Coach with over 15 years training and coaching leaders in the U.S. and South Africa.


Many leaders really want to be world class, transformational leaders but struggle trying to manage competing priorities, make the right decisions, and get people to work together toward change. If you’re like them, you probably rarely find time to grow yourself and create a vision that inspires people to action. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


To help leaders like you grow and lead transformational change in your organization and society, I created The Leadership Class. 


-Barry E. Knight


I am convinced that BEK Impact's coaching program is the MOST EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE MEANS OF DEVELOPING MY PROFESSIONAL SKILLS...The value of the improvement I have made in my ability to move my leadership goals from concept to action is immeasurable.


Garrett Bethel,
Regional Manager,
County of Riverside

The Leadership Class was made For You!

We made this class for any leader who is ready to learn principles and systems that will transform the way you show up as a leader, empower your team, and drive impact and change in your organization, city, and your world.


Are you an emerging leader who's ready to increase your influence and impact now? 


Are you leading a big project or initiative that requires you to show up everyday at your highest potential?

After this Virtual Summit, you will be able to: 


  • Lead with greater confidence and clarity 

  • Become more influential 

  • Rally your teams around your vision 

  • Improve your teams' performance and productivity 

  • Manifest your goals and vision faster

Your $97 investment includes:


  • The Leadership Class Workbook 

  • Unlimited access to the entire Summit teaching video

  • Organizational Change Systems and Frameworks used by our most successful clients

  • An actionable plan to grow yourself, your team, and your impact


Our organization will forever be grateful for the outcome-driven approach to greatness.


Dee Dee Harrison, Director,
Bakersfield City School District.

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