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with Barry E. Knight

Become the decisive, influential, strategic leader that achieves more!

How It Works

Here are 3 coaching options for you to consider:

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6mos Leadership Coaching:

Includes 6mos of bi-weekly 60min coaching sessions; pre/post tests; post follow up session; and strategic summary.

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12mos Leadership Coaching:

Includes everything in Option 1, except you get 12 mos of bi-weekly 60min coaching sessions; The Leadership Class Online Course; 'The Gift Called Leadership' Book; around the clock availability to me



12mos Executive Team Coaching Intensive:

Includes Everything in Option 2, plus 360 degree assessments; leadership personality assessments;  quarterly team sessions with your most senior level executives (4-12 participants); and ad hoc meetings

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Dear Executive Leader,

Straight to the point. You want to be a better leader. But it's often difficult to focus on growth or the limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep you from growing. Amid managing competing priorities, tending to board requests, meeting quarterly projections, personnel challenges, and equitably distributing budgets, success becomes more about how well you survive and put out fires instead of developing the success habits that help you lead transformational change. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Let's work to change that. I want to coach you (and hold you accountable) to elevate your leadership, team development, and strategic planning and decision making skills to the next level so that you can lead your organization more effectively and achieve your goals faster!

Schedule a call with me today!

~Your Coach, Barry E. Knight




“I believe Barry E. Knight's 1-on-1 coaching is an essential ingredient in operating a successful organization. The combination of solid technical strategies and motivating real world coaching makes this so much more than other sessions I've experienced.

Business Executive Leader

Coaching Client

1-on-1 coaching with Barry E. Knight is like discovering the key that unlocks the door to your next level of success, influence, and personal power.

The Benefits?

Here are just a few of the advantages of 1-on-1 coaching with Barry E. Knight:

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Enhanced Clarity: Gain a precise vision of your leadership goals and the strategies needed to achieve them, ensuring your efforts are focused and effective.


Increased Confidence: Build unwavering self-assurance in your leadership abilities, empowering you to tackle challenges head-on and make bold decisions.

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Greater Influence: Develop the skills to inspire, motivate, and engage your team, fostering a culture of collaboration and high performance.

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Improved Communication: Master the art of effective communication, enabling you to convey your vision clearly and build strong, trusting relationships with your team and stakeholders.

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Strategic Decision-Making: Learn to make informed, strategic decisions that align with your organization's goals and drive long-term success.

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Lasting Impact: Create meaningful, sustainable change within your organization, leaving a legacy of positive leadership that endures beyond your tenure.


“Whether an organization is healthy, dysfunctional or stuck, it always acts like its leader.”

Barry E. Knight

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Schedule a a Clarity Call to see if 1-on-1 Coaching with Barry E. Knight is right for you!

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